VICE Begins “Young & Gay in Russia” Video Series; Additional Russia Updates

VICE News has posted the first two videos in a five-video series about life for young gay people in Russia. The videos paint a chilling picture—though the footage won’t surprise those who have followed the unsettling reports coming out of Russia over the last year.

The “Young & Gay in Russia” videos:

Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia (Part 1/5) (Jan 13., 2014)

Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia (Part 2/5) (Jan. 14, 2014)

Additional Updates about LGBT Rights and Russia:

In other Russia-related news:

  • Sir Ian McKellen and 27 Nobel laureates have protested Russia’s gay “propaganda” ban in an open letter published in The Independent. Sir McKellen notes that the UK Foreign Office has warned him that he cannot lawfully speak in Russia about his sexual orientation, “at least in the hearing of anyone under the age of 18,” and that he has “therefore felt that [he] had to turn down invitations to attend Russian film festivals.”
  • Chris Pine spoke out against Russia’s anti-law this week as well. The 33-year-old actor called the law “clearly awful, archaic, hostile nonsense.”
  • NPR published an article examining what responsibility NBC has, as the exclusive American broadcaster of the Sochi Olympics, to cover the controversy surrounding Russia’s censorship of LGBT-supportive speech. Meanwhile, Meredith Vieira, who will join Matt Lauer in covering the Olympics for NBC, has expressed her support for gay rights in Russia. She even supports demonstrations at the Olympics, saying she “would love to see everybody walk out with rainbow ribbons” during the open ceremony.
  • As the Washington Blade reports, a member of the Republican National Committee has made statements in support of Russia’s anti-gay law, calling it “common sense.”
  • A Fox affiliate in Tennessee has published a very brief profile of a heterosexual teacher in Russia who is under investigation for her support of gay rights.
  • Sadly but unsurprisingly, the Russian government has firmly retained its anti-gay stance. A report recently published by the country’s Foreign Ministry attacked the European Union for promoting an “alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life.”


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