Transgender Texas Teen Jeydon Loredo Prevails; Will Wear Tux in Yearbook

Two days after receiving a demand letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) threatening litigation, the La Feria Independent School District in Texas has agreed to allow a transgender senior, Jeydon Loredo, to appear in his high school’s yearbook wearing a tuxedo.

The district’s superintendent had previously told Jeydon’s mother, Stella Loredo, that her son’s tuxedo photograph would offend “community standards”; the superintendent explained to Ms. Loredo that the school would include her son’s photograph in the yearbook only if he wore stereotypically feminine attire, like a blouse.

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which advocated with the SPLC on Jeydon’s behalf, has posted a statement on its blog about the latest developments, with a quote from HRC President Chad Griffin welcoming the district’s decision:

“We’re thrilled Jeydon will be getting the justice he deserves,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.  “It’s a shame that it took a threat of legal action for the school board to make the right decision, but we’re grateful that, in the end, Jeydon’s photo will be included in the yearbook.  Discrimination has no place in our society – especially our schools.”

The SPLC’s announcement of the dispute’s resolution explains that the district will, among other things, “provide written confirmation that Jeydon’s tuxedo photo will appear in the yearbook along with the other students in his class.” The district will also “provide training for those involved, along with a comprehensive education program for the school community.”

Kudos and congratulations to Jeydon, his family, and the organizations that worked on Jeydon’s behalf!


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