Video: Missouri School Board Continues Anti-LGBT Censorship

Missouri Drawn on Chalkboard

Missouri’s Rutherford County School Board is refusing to allow an LGBT-supportive poster back on the wall at a local school. Administrators recently required a teacher to take the poster down after a parent complained.

The poster, created by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, reads: “This is a safe and inclusive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and their allies. All students deserve a safe and welcoming school environment.” It also includes some statistics about LGBT youth, noting, for instance, that 9 out of 10 LGBT youth face harassment at school based on their sexual orientation, and that many LGBT youth do not feel safe at school. You can view the poster here.

Rutherford school officials and their representatives have offered various, shifting excuses for the anti-LGBT censorship, all of them terribly weak.

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Video: Vogueing in Highland Park!

Logo: Ruth Ellis Center has published two stories (here and here) about the Ruth Ellis Center, a social services agency in Highland Park, Michigan, that provides “short and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless, and at-risk lesbian, gay, bi-attractional, transgender, and questioning youth.”

Youth and young adults visit the center for all sorts of reasons—including to dance, as you can see in the videos above and below.

Quist: A New LGBTQ History App

Logo for new Quist app

The Communicationist recently launched a new mobile app, Quist, that brings users a bit of LGBTQ and/or AIDS/HIV-related history each day. One of the app’s purposes is to “[l]et LGBTQ youth know that others have shared their struggle.

Each day, the app displays “events of note” that took place on that day in history. Today, for example, Quist teaches about four Spanish men who were burned for sodomy on July 29, 1519; it also notes that Panama decriminalized same-sex sexual activity on July 29, 2008.