It’s Not Just “Gay”: Questionable Definitions in Apple’s Dictionaries (Updated)

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Does “gay” mean “foolish” or “stupid”?

That’s what Apple’s MacBook Pro says. The computer’s dictionary offers three definitions for “gay,” with “foolish; stupid” appearing third.

Becca Gorman, a fifteen-year-old student with two gay moms, noticed the problematic definition and protested in a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who also happens to be gay. An Apple representative responded within about an hour, promising to look into the issue.

(Scroll to the end of this post to watch a video report from WCVB.)

Unfortunately, this “foolish; stupid” definition isn’t the only questionable definition in Apple’s dictionaries. Click here or on Read More to read the full post and to watch a video report.

Joe Bell, Father of Jadin Bell, Struck & Killed by Truck

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Heartbreaking news: Joe Bell, the father of Jadin Bell, was struck and killed by a truck this week while walking in Colorado. Jadin Bell, Joe’s openly gay son, died from suicide earlier this year at the young age of fifteen.

Joe had been walking in Colorado as part his Walk for Change, a journey on foot from Oregon to New York that he undertook to raise awareness about bullying and suicide—and to honor his son’s memory. I published a brief post about Joe’s Walk for Change when he started the trip in April.