Becoming More Visible:
A New Film Project About Trans Homeless Youth Seeks Support on Kickstarter

Artist and subject in Becoming More Visible

This morning I donated on Kickstarter to a film project about transgender homeless youth.

As the film’s co-producer and director Pamela French explains, the film, Becoming More Visible, will “tell the compelling stories of five, homeless transgender teens” in New York City “[f]rom behind the lens of photographer Josh Lehrer.” The teens’ “backgrounds are diverse,” she says, “but their stories are strikingly similar. Rejected by their families and lured to New York City with the hope of finding connection and love, many of these trans teens instead find themselves again rejected and homeless.”
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Reactions to the Indian Supreme Court’s Ruling Upholding an Anti-Gay Law


Political leaders, human rights advocates and editorial boards around the world have condemned a ruling from India’s highest court that upheld an anti-gay law known as Section 377. The law bans certain sexual acts that are supposedly “against the order of nature,” including private consensual sexual relationships between adults of the same sex.

The Indian Supreme Court’s ruling means that Section 377 will remain in effect until the nation’s legislature repeals it or until court litigants devise an additional or alternative legal strategy with a better chance of success. Both approaches face major hurdles, though the fight is hardly over.

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