Two Videos: Crowd Honors Islan Nettles

Stage at Islan Nettles Vigil

Hundreds of people filled a park in Harlem yesterday evening to pay respects and offer support to the family of Islan Nettles. Islan, a 21-year-old transgender student, was recently attacked in what authorities are investigating as a hate crime; Islan died of her injuries.

Several friends, family members, and community leaders shared their love, their hurt and their anger with the crowd. Actress Laverne Cox also spoke, and two local vocalists sang.

I attended with some of my family members, and I took the first video below during one of the vocal performances. In my video, Islan’s family and friends appear in the background on the stage. The other video, at the end this post, provides additional details about the event, and about Islan and her family.
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Tuesday Vigil To Be Held for Islan Nettles in New York City


Family, friends and others mourning the death of Islan Nettles, a twenty-one-year-old transgender student, have planned a vigil for tonight in New York City..

Islan, who studied fashion, described herself on-line as “determined, courageous and still learning every day.”

Police are investigating the attack that caused her death as a possible hate crime.

Here are the details from the vigil’s flyer, which also appears below: