Quist: A New LGBTQ History App

The Communicationist recently launched a new mobile app, Quist, that brings users a bit of LGBTQ and/or AIDS/HIV-related history each day. One of the app’s purposes is to “[l]et LGBTQ youth know that others have shared their struggle.

Each day, the app displays “events of note” that took place on that day in history. Today, for example, Quist teaches about four Spanish men who were burned for sodomy on July 29, 1519; it also notes that Panama decriminalized same-sex sexual activity on July 29, 2008.

Quist Screen Shot
A July 29 screenshot from the iPhone version of Quist

You can browse historical events by date, state or country.

From the App’s website:

Historical events in the app paint a picture of how far the LGBTQ community has come over time — how we have been treated, how we have reacted, how our allies have supported us, and how others have worked vehemently to stop the progress. LGBTQ individuals’ contributions to society and events in HIV/AIDS history are also included.

You can find the app on iTunes and Google Play.