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This Website/Blog (at, Vieres LLC (which owns the Website/Blog), and the Website/Blog’s contributors, including Michael Kavey (collectively, the “Website/Blog” or this “Blog” or “Site” or “we” or “us”), respect your privacy. Please understand, however, that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information online, this information cannot be made one-hundred percent secure and, in some cases, that information can be intercepted, collected and used by others. As explained below, moreover, we may in very limited circumstances share information you provide to us, even if you provide it through an email or using our private contact form.

Information on contacting us anonymously or confidentially is provided below.

We do not make any affirmative effort to receive or collect personal information or contact information, except where you provide your consent. (For example, if you send us a message or post a comment with your name and email address, we consider this clear consent for us to receive that information.) But be aware that information that you post as a “comment” on a page or post (as opposed to a comment provided on our on-line contact-form page) is published on-line and is not private.

When you provide personal information to us in the form of, for example, an email or contact form, we do not, absent in limited circumstances described in this policy, reveal or distribute your information to a third party absent your clear consent. However, if you post something as a publicly visible comment on this Website/Blog, we may quote or reproduce your comment; in such cases, we may identify you by name if you have provided your name in connection with that comment (though we may choose not to refer to you by name at all). Once you post a publicly visible comment,  moreover, others who access this Website/Blog will be able to share whatever information you post as well, and we have no control over their actions.

Log files

We may log files, like many other websites. Information in log files typically includes, for example, internet protocol (IP) addresses; types of browser; Internet Service Provider (ISP); date and time stamp; referring and exit page; number of clicks. Consistent with the “General” policy section above, we do not use log files to obtain personal or personally identifying information.

Cookies and Third Parties

We use cookies to store information about visitor preferences and to record user-specific information on visits and pages the user views so as to provide a custom experience. Third parties, such as advertisers on our website, may use cookies or “beacons” as well. In regard to third-party advertisers, we have no access or control over these cookies, beacons, etc. You should review the respective privacy policies on any and all third-party ad servers for more information regarding their practices and how to opt-out.

If you wish to disable cookies you may do so through your web browser options. Instructions for doing so and for other cookie-related management can be found on the specific web browsers’ websites, or by searching for “disable cookies” on most search engines.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google, a third party vendor, uses the DART cookie to serve ads. It will do so on our site if and when we use Google as a third party vendor. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting Google’s Content Network Privacy Policy.

Amazon Affiliates Cookie

Amazon Affiliates, a third party system, uses cookies to serve advertisements and links to products on  Please refer to for information on Amazon’s privacy policies.

Other / Miscellaneous

Users might be asked to subscribe to our newsletter by providing a name and email address to receive communication from the Website/Blog. We do not share private information or contact information with third parties, except where otherwise permitted by this policy or where you have provided your clear consent. Nor do we store any information about your visit to this Website/Blog other than to analyze and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

We may contact you in limited circumstances. For example, if you write to us or subscribe to our newsletter, you may receive information from us at any address or email address or phone number you provide. Newsletter subscribers may unsubscribe anytime by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in an email they receive from us.

We are not responsible for republished content from this Website/Blog on other blogs or websites without our permission.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by clicking “Contact Us” above. You may also write to [email protected] or [email protected], though using the contact form may result in a faster response time.

Can I contact the Website/Blog confidentially or anonymously?


  • Anonymous communications: Our contact form allows you to contact us without providing your name or email address. If you contact us in this way, we of course won’t share your name or email address with any third party. You can also send anonymous emails to [email protected]; however, if you send an email, we will of course learn of your email address, which reduces anonymity.
  • Confidential communications: If you do not want or need to maintain complete anonymity but still wish to provide confidential information, you may still take steps to communicate with us in a confidential manner. The most prudent course of action is to first send an email (or message on our contact form) stating only that you wish to communicate with us privately, with a request that we provide you guidance on how to do so. You should provide an email address so that we can respond with further guidance. You should wait for a response before providing the confidential information. If you wish to maintain confidentiality, make sure to contact us only through our online contact form or by writing to the email address [email protected] or [email protected] (and not a different email address).

Policy Exceptions, and Limits on Policy Scope

Note that there are certain limited circumstances in which we may reveal your information to third parties, notwithstanding anything else stated in this policy. One, we may reveal your information if you provide your consent. Two, we may reveal your information to third parties if you are a public official commenting on a matter of public concern (broadly defined) or if you write from a government email account. Three, we may reveal any information that is part of a public record. If you have any concerns about ensuring confidentiality, you should either communicate with us anonymously, or communicate with us following the guidance in the paragraph above that begins “Confidential communications:…”

Limits on Policy Scope: With respect communications with anyone affiliated with this Website/Blog, this policy applies to communications that use the Website/Blog’s on-line contact form or the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] This policy does not apply to communications with us by other means. For example, if you write to a blog contributor by writing to an email address other than [email protected] (or another email ending in “@youthallies”), such as by writing to the contributor’s personal email address, your information is not protected by this privacy policy.

Policy Changes

This policy is subject to change without notice, though we may, at our absolute discretion, post information or alerts about changes on our site’s main page.

Please be sure to read our Disclaimers and Disclosures as well.

Last updated May 3, 2013.