What’s RSS? And What’s the Youth Allies RSS Feed Address?

RSS, which stands for “Rich Site Summary,” “RDF Site Summary,” or “Really Simple Syndication,” is a tool for delivering and/or receiving frequently changing web content, like blogs and new sites.

To follow news sites or blogs using RSS, you’ll need some sort of RSS reader. The RSS reader will convert the RSS “feed” into a visually pleasing format. (Reading the raw feed itself is often unpleasant and sometimes impossible.) The RSS reader can also (if it’s any good) combine a bunch of different feeds for you, so you can, for example, scroll through headlines and summaries of all your favorite blogs on a single page.

Looking for an RSS reader? I happen to love Feedly. PC Magazine suggests some other readers here.

To add the Youth Allies blog to your RSS reader, use the RSS feed at this link (feeds.feedburner.com/LGBTYouthAllies). (You can also find the Youth Allies RSS feed by clicking on the icon on the far right of our navigation menu, above—that is, the icon to the right of the “g+” icon.)


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