Friday Morning LGBT Youth News Updates

Good morning from LGBT Youth Allies!

Here are some of the stories making the news.

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  • The San Francisco Chronicle has this report about the big news out of California, which I also covered yesterday afternoon: A federal appeals court has upheld the state’s law banning “conversion” therapy for minors.
  • The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has announced the inaugural “Time to THRIVE” conference, “a large-scale national conference to promote safety, inclusion and well-being for LGBTQ youth.” The first conference will take place in Las Vegas in February.
  • In other HRC news, the organization has sent this letter to corporate sponsors of the Olympics, asking that they take various actions in opposition to Russia’s anti-gay laws and in support of LGBT equality.
  • An LGBT equality group has filed a complaint on behalf of an Indiana gay teen who was attacked on a school bus. I wrote about the incident (and posted a video about it) in a post last week.
  • Carla Hale, who lost her job as a teacher at a Catholic school when her mother’s obituary revealed the existence of her same-sex partner, is believed to have received a large amount of back pay as part of a confidential legal settlement with the governing Diocese.
  • A bishop in Honolulu makes the bizarre, entirely unfounded claim that marriage equality will contribute to youth suicides.
  • The Washington Blade reports on student-athlete scholarships from Team DC, an LGBT athletics organization.
  • An LGBT youth group is reopening with a new name—Thrive—in Cape Cod.
  • From Australia via the Gay News Network: “Federal Labor will commit $8 million to extend Victoria’s Safe Schools Coalition program across the country if re-elected.”
  • Finally WTTW reports on support for transgender youth and their families at the Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV Prevention in Chicago. (See the video below.)

A report on transgender youth from Chicago.