D’Oh! The Site Has a Glitch. [UPDATE: No, Actually, It Doesn’t! We Fixed It! Additional Update Forthcoming.]

[Update: We fixed the problem. You can disregard the rest of this post (but if for any reason you believe that you are not able to view recent posts on your browser, please let us know!)]

D’oh! The site has a glitch, but we’re working to fix it ASAP. The problem: Some users may see an old version of the page they’re visiting, instead of the most up-to-date version. Ack! Again, it’ll be fixed ASAP.

In the meantime, you can always get an up-to-date list of our recent posts on the Latest News Page; the glitch is not affecting that page. (See below or click “Read More” for additional options.)

Another option is simply to refresh the page when you visit any page on the site. For best results, do this by pressing Control-F5, or Control-R, or Command-R. (Which one, you ask? It just depends on your computer; one of them will work.)

A third option is to make sure you are following us on Twitter or Google+, or that you’ve “liked” us on Facebook. We post up-to-date links on all of those sites.

(And yes, we are painfully aware that the glitch might cause some people not to see this message. That’s another reason we’re working hard to fix it ASAP. Thanks again!)