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Vieres LLC is the company that owns and operates this Website/Blog (located at http://www.youthallies.com). Michael Kavey, the owner and manager of Vieres LLC, is the principal content-contributor to this Website/Blog. Questions or concerns about the content on the site, including this page, should be directed to the Website/Blog’s contributors by using the “Contact Us” menu option or by clicking on this link.

The terms “we” or “us,” when used on this page, refer to (1) Michael Kavey, (2) Vieres LLC, (3) the Website/Blog itself (with homepage at http://www.youthallies.com), and (4) any current or future contributor to the Website/Blog, except where the context otherwise makes clear.



Regardless of whether any of us are attorneys, we are not your attorney. We do not offer legal services or advice of any kind through this Website/Blog.

Like many websites, blogs and other forms of media (both on- and off-line) created and/or maintained in whole or in part by lawyers, law professors, and other people interested in the law, this Website/Blog contains general information about, commentary on, and analysis of the law and legal developments, but none of the information or commentary or analysis on this Website/Blog constitutes legal advice. You should not interpret it as legal advice under any circumstance. Moreover, the law changes frequently (particularly in the areas of law discussed on this Website/Blog) and the varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Being general in nature, the information and materials provided may not apply to any specific factual and/or legal set of circumstances. You may, for example, have unique circumstances that render general information contained in this Website/Blog inapplicable to you or your situation.

Nothing on this Website/Blog forms an attorney-client relationship. No such relationship should be implied from anything on this Website/Blog. Do not assume, under any circumstance, that anything you communicate with us is subject to attorney-client privilege or confidentiality rules. (For information on the Website/Blog’s Privacy Policy, click here.)

Nothing on this Website/Blog is intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney, especially an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. If you require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.

Finally, nothing on this Website/Blog is legal advertising or advertising for legal services or anything like that.

(2) Opinions

The original content on pages and posts on this Website/Blog represent only the opinions of the person writing that content (or, if the author is Michael Kavey, the opinion of Vieres LLC). Over time, old posts might not even represent the views of a post’s or page’s author. The views expressed on this Website/Blog do not necessarily reflect the views of any contributor’s former employers or any of the lawyers or other colleagues with whom the contributor has previously worked.

(3) Links

Like most Websites/Blogs, this Website/Blog has links to other websites and blogs.  When this Website/Blog links to a third-party site, the link does not represent an endorsement of the content of that site. Even when this Website/Blog or a contributor recommends a different site or resource, that recommendation is general in nature only; our recommendations do not imply an endorsement of every statement or other content that you may find in another source. Nor do we guarantee that any other website, blog or file to which this Website/Blog links is free of viruses or other malware that could damage your computer or files or expose your personal information. We disclaim any liability for anything and everything that you find, or that occurs to you, in connection with your clicking on a link to third-party website, webpage, blog or file. For more information on links, see the Disclosures, below.

As a general matter, the contributors to this Website/Blog make reasonable efforts to link only to material that is suitable for all ages, or to post a notice or advisory where there may be some doubt as to the appropriateness of a third-party website’s materials. However, we do not provide any guarantee that all links will be suitable for all ages, whether we’ve posted a notice or advisory or not. In fact, some material, such as R-rated or certain foreign, unrated movies, may clearly not be suitable for users of a young age. Furthermore, web content is constantly changing, and it is impossible to keep track of every change that might be made to third-party content accessible from this site. Parents and guardians (and possibly schools and libraries) are responsible for ensuring appropriate use of the Internet by minors in their care or custody; that responsibility does not lie with us in any circumstance, and we disclaim it.

Regardless of the age of the user, we are not responsible for content appearing on any third-party site, even if this Website/Blog links to that site, website, webpage, blog, file or other source.


Information on advertising and affiliate or associate programs.

We may accept payment for advertising third-party products, services or content on this Website/Blog. The compensation received will never influence the content of posts or other material on this Website/Blog. Advertising will generally be in the form of advertisements generated by a third-party ad network.

Payments and compensation of any kind received through this Website/Blog as a result of advertising of any kind belong to Vieres LLC, even if such payments or compensation initially pass through an account belonging to a natural person. The use of words like “we” and “us” in this section should not be interpreted to imply otherwise.

In addition to compensation through advertising, we may receive compensation through “affiliate” programs, “associate” programs, and the like. This means, for example, that if you click on a link for a product (or service) sold on a different website, and if you purchase an item or service from that website, we may (depending on which link it is, and depending on which “affiliate” or “associate” program is involved) receive an “affiliate” or “associate” commission based on that purchase. However, aside from the standard commission, we do NOT receive any additional or special compensation based on our recommendation of a specific product. (In other words, if we not only list and link to, but also recommend a specific product to which we provide a link, it is possible we will receive a commission, but that commission will be no greater than the commission we would receive in the absence of our recommendation. Indeed, the commission would be the same even if we recommended that you not purchase the product.)

With respect to specific, explicit recommendations of a particular product, resource or service (as opposed to the mere listing of a product, resource or service), a contributor to this Website/Blog only recommends such products, resources or services if he or she believes it/they will be of value to our readers. A recommendation from a contributing author on this Website/Blog does not represent an endorsement of the product or service in question by the others among “us,” that is, by the Website/Blog itself, Vieres LLC, or other contributors. The views and opinions expressed on this Website/Blog are purely those of the contributing author who expresses the views and opinions in question.

We do NOT receive any commission for referring you to the many free resources from non-profit entities that you will find through this Website/Blog.

Note that Michael Kavey is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and link to amazon.com.

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