Victory! Overcoming Vicious Misinformation Campaign, Minnesota Legislature Passes Safe Schools Act
[EVENING UPDATE: Governor Signs Bill]

Minnesota on School Chalkboard

Safe-schools advocates and LGBT-equality supporters can celebrate in Minnesota: The state legislature has approved the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, a major expansion of the state’s safe schools law. The governor plans to sign the bill today.

[UPDATE: Twitter has lit up with the news that the governor has signed the Act into law. Per the Act’s own terms, some parts of the law will take effect tomorrow (Thursday), other parts in July, and other parts by the start of the next school year. The Pioneer Press provides an additional update here.]

The Act requires school districts to enact anti-bullying policies, and it defines bullying to include, among other things, intimidating and abusive conduct based on a student’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post.

Great News for Grayson! School Backs Down, Will Allow My Little Pony Bag

North Carolina on Green School Chalkboard

Earlier this week, I published a post and video about a brave nine-year-old, Grayson Bruce, who had spoken out publicly against bullying after getting verbally and physically attacked at his North Carolina school. Other kids had picked on him relentlessly because they thought his My Little Pony bag was “girlie.” And to make matters worse, school administrators initially responded by telling Grayson not to wear the bag, saying it was the “trigger for bullying.” (Check out my original post for further thoughts on that.)

Fortunately, the school has changed course (though it took a national outcry) and will allow Grayson to wear his bag. Administrators have published the following statement from Grayson’s mother, Noreen Bruce, on the district’s Facebook page:

Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post.

Anti-Transgender Groups Fall Short in Effort to Repeal California’s New Student Equality Law (Updated 2/27/14)

San Franisco City Hall Lit Up in Rainbow Colors

We’ve got great news out of California, where the state has determined that an effort to force a statewide referendum to repeal a new transgender student equality law, AB 1266, has fallen short. According to the California Secretary of State, opponents of the law failed to submit enough valid signatures to require a referendum.

As I’ll explore in a forthcoming update to an earlier post, the battle to protect AB 1266 is not over yet, as anti-transgender groups have (or at least think they have) a few more tricks up their sleeve. But the recent news is undeniably a major victory in the effort to preserve important protections against gender-identity discrimination in California schools. Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post.