LGBT Youth News Roundup: July 19, 2013

Portrait of California Governor Jerry Brown

Welcome to the LGBT Youth News Roundup for July 19, 2013!

Here are some of the latest developments:

Law and policy:

•  The Washington Blade provides an update on the federal Student Non-Discrimination Act: “House lawmakers spoke out this week in favor of legislation aimed at prohibiting the bullying and harassment of LGBT students as Republican lawmakers refused a vote on such a measure as part of an education reform bill.”

• California Governor Jerry Brown (pictured above) has yet to sign (or veto) a bill that would clarify protections for transgender students.

•  Oregon school districts in Salem-Keizer and Lake Oswego have taken steps to conform their anti-bullying policies to the Oregon Safe Schools Act.

•  The Montana Board of Regents has voted to broaden the state university system’s anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

•  In a heated debate over a non-discrimination policy, an Orleans Parish School Board member claimed there is “no such thing” as the separation of church and state.

Watch School Official Struggle to Justify Anti-LGBT Censorship

Superintendent Eidahl attempts to explain the censorship

Another school is censoring a student production of The Laramie Project. This time, it’s in Iowa, which not only recognizes same-sex families, but also has sexual-orientation-inclusive anti-discrimination and anti-bullying laws.

In the video above, the superintendent is offered a chance to justify the censorship. He fails. (Jump to the 1:27 point for the best part.) The high school principal, who made the initial decision to block the play, declined to appear on video.