D’Oh! The Site Has a Glitch. [UPDATE: No, Actually, It Doesn’t! We Fixed It! Additional Update Forthcoming.]

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[Update: We fixed the problem. You can disregard the rest of this post (but if for any reason you believe that you are not able to view recent posts on your browser, please let us know!)]

D’oh! The site has a glitch, but we’re working to fix it ASAP. The problem: Some users may see an old version of the page they’re visiting, instead of the most up-to-date version. Ack! Again, it’ll be fixed ASAP.

In the meantime, you can always get an up-to-date list of our recent posts on the Latest News Page; the glitch is not affecting that page. (See below or click “Read More” for additional options.)

Fresh blog content coming in 3-4 days – stayed tuned!

Updated by MK on 9/13/12 – 

This week we’re working on site maintenance and organization, resource development, and some other commitments, but we’ll be back with fresh blog content early next week (that is, in just 3 or 4 days). In the meantime, please enjoy our recent posts, our rapidly growing on-line resources library and books section, and other areas of the site. (Popular recent blog posts include a post on “microaggressions” and the phrase “that’s so gay and a post on the new bullying-policy guidance from anti-gay groups—guidance that disregards the law.)

Thanks for your patience and stayed tuned for more!




Six-Week Site Check: What’s New & What’s Coming at LGBT Youth Allies

LGBT Youth Allies has been up and running for about six weeks. Here’s an update on what’s new and what’s coming:

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We’ve been hard at work.

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