Anti-Transgender Groups Fall Short in Effort to Repeal California’s New Student Equality Law (Updated 2/27/14)

We’ve got great news out of California, where the state has determined that an effort to force a statewide referendum to repeal a new transgender student equality law, AB 1266, has fallen short. According to the California Secretary of State, opponents of the law failed to submit enough valid signatures to require a referendum.

As I’ll explore in a forthcoming update to an earlier post, the battle to protect AB 1266 is not over yet, as anti-transgender groups have (or at least think they have) a few more tricks up their sleeve. But the recent news is undeniably a major victory in the effort to preserve important protections against gender-identity discrimination in California schools.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Efforts to overturn a law shielding transgender students stalled Monday, with advocates of the repeal failing to gather enough signatures to qualify for the statewide ballot. Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced the referendum of Assembly Bill 1266 finished about 17,000 signatures short of the 504,760 valid names needed to go before voters.

A coalition of LGBT groups issued a statement celebrating the victory, which you can access through Equality California’s website here: Attempt to Repeal the School Success and Opportunity Act Fails.

Very soon, I will update my earlier post about the new law to reflect this exciting news. You can read the earlier version of that post here: California’s New Transgender Equality Law & the Effort to Repeal It: Frequently Asked Questions.


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*The photo above is from June 2013, when San Francisco lit up its City Hall with rainbow colors for Pride Week. Incidentally, San Francisco’s public school district adopted transgender-inclusive student policies years ago, well before the state legislature approved AB 1266.