More Videos from the National Campaign for Youth Shelter Rally (2nd of 3 Posts)

Rally participants holding sign for LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent

As I noted in an earlier post, I attended and took videos at a rally this week organized by the National Campaign for Youth Shelter in Washington Square Park (New York City).

In that first post about the rally, I included videos of Edie Windsor, Chris Bilal, the Reverend Melvin Miller, and Jennifer Louise Lopez. In this second post (below), you’ll find videos of David Mixner, Cathy Marino-Thomas, Emanuel Xavier, and Martin Boyce. In a third post, you’ll find videos of Wade Davis, Carl Siciliano, Mark Herrington, and Jerry Jones.

Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post and to see four of the videos.

Videos: Edie Windsor & Other LGBT Advocates Rally for Homeless Youth (1st of 3 Posts)

Edie Windsor speaking at rally

This past Monday evening, I attended a fantastic rally in Washington Square Park (New York City) organized by the National Campaign for Youth Shelter (NCYS). NCYS, a collaborative project of the National Coalition for the Homeless and the Ali Forney Center, aims to bring greater national attention to youth homelessness.

A diverse and impressive group of speakers—including Edie Windsor, Carl Siciliano, the Reverend Melvin Miller, Wade Davis, Chris Bilal, Jennifer Louise Lopez, and David Mixner—spoke passionately about the challenges faced by homeless youth, including those who are LGBTQ, and about the need to protect and provide care for them. Junior Labeija, pictured above with Edie Windsor, emceed the event. Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the rest of the post and to see the first four of the my thirteen videos from the rally.

Boy Scouts Contradict Their Own Handbook in Defending Anti-Gay Policy

Boy Scouts 3 cents stamp

In a post last month, I explored the absurdity of the Boy Scouts of America’s frequent claim that “the topic of sexual orientation” does not have a “role” in Scouting, pointing out how frequently the BSA discusses−and celebrates−heterosexuality.

This follow-up post looks at how the organization’s attempts to restrict Scouts’ LGBT-supportive expression stand in conflict with the official Boy Scout Handbook and other BSA materials. Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post.

Does MA’s Bullying Law Require Schools to Recognize “Categories of Students, Including LGBTQ Students”?

Martha Coakley, Attorney General of Massachusetts

There was great news last week for safe-schools and LGBT-equality advocates in Massachusetts, where the governor signed a measure strengthening the state’s anti-bullying law.

The many advocates who worked for the bill’s passage—including the organization Mass Equality and state Attorney General Martha Coakley—deserve wholehearted thanks and congratulations from those who believe in safe schools for all youth. Still, it’s worth pointing out an inaccuracy that appears in statements issued by the law’s supporters as well as in the media. Some advocates, journalists and bloggers have suggested that the law requires schools to single out specific groups, including LGBTQ students, for special protections. This is incorrect, though I recognize that the law may appear ambiguous on this point, at least at first glance.

Clarifying this issue may help prevent confusion among those who must work to implement the law; it may also help ensure that, moving forward, safe-schools advocates who favor inclusive policies don’t inadvertently feed into anti-LGBT talking points. Click here or on ‘Read More’ to view the full post.