Associated Press Identifies “Ex-Gay” Extremist as “Counselor” (With Aug. 28 Update)

In an otherwise fair and informative video report about “ex-gay” therapies and legislation to curtail their use with minors, the Associated Press identifies Christopher Doyle merely as a “counselor in Virginia who says he used to be gay.”

Doyle may consider himself a “counselor” (and a heterosexual), but he’s also an anti-gay activist and an extremist on “ex-gay” issues. The AP does its viewers a disservice by failing to mention Doyle’s controversial and radical activism.

As Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch revealed earlier this year, for example, Doyle has “made the outlandish claim that if ex-gay counseling is restricted, then youth who have been sexually abused will never report the harm done to them and ‘more Jerry Sanduskys will get off scot-free.'” (The last part is a direct quote from Doyle.) You can listen to the comments in question and watch the AP video report below.

AP Report on “Ex-Gay” Therapies

Christopher Doyle on the Radio

Additional Right Wing Watch posts about Doyle appear here.

The organization Truth Wins Out (TWO) has also exposed Doyle’s strange and troubling activism: A collection of TWO posts about Doyle appears here. In this May 2013 TWO post, for example, TWO’s Founding Executive Director, Wayne Besen, debunks the pernicious myth, perpetuated by Doyle and his cohorts, that child molestation causes or contributes to homosexuality.

[Aug. 28 UPDATE: Jeremy Hooper of Good As You has just exposed more outrageous statements by Doyle. Hooper reports that Doyle has falsely stated that LGBT-equality advocate Wayne Besen (of Truth Wins Out) “may be responsible for countless HIV infections.”]

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