“It Gets Better”: Kermit the Frog

Posted by MK on Aug 3, 2012 @ 9:42 pm

Kermit the Frog

Kermit got verbally attacked by an extremist on the radio this week, so I thought I’d honor the venerable frog and some of his Muppets co-stars with a few videos.

The attack came from anti-gay extremist, pastor, and radio host Kevin Swanson. Swanson spun a fanciful tale (presented as truth) on the air about how “that form of life” known as the homosexual had, supposedly thanks to the death penalty, “pretty much been eliminated except here and there” for around 1,500 years of human history (or maybe it was 1,000 years, he added, and maybe the gays were just in the closet that whole time…he never really locked down these details). Anyway, this homosexual-free era ended, Swanson claimed (with some apparent disappointment), sometime around 1850. Not content merely to blurt out a few inconsistent and inaccurate historical claims, Swanson proceeded to attack the Muppets for ending their association with Chick-fil-a because of its president’s recent anti-gay comments and actions. And at this point, Mr. Swanson really became a caricature of himself by suggesting that Kermit should be killed and eaten because he had (in Swanson’s view) “taken the sodomy route.” (You can’t make this stuff up: Here’s a link that includes an audio of the radio show.)  Swanson and his co-host ultimately concluded, though, that killing and serving up Ms. Piggy would be a better sell for Chick-fil-a. I kid you not.

In light of this hostility, I’m posting a few video links in the Muppets’ honor, including an It Gets Better video featuring Kermit.

Here’s the It Gets Better video.

And here’s a selection of other Muppet videos, including Kermit’s appearance on Ellen, a performance by Kermit and Rowlf of The Rainbow Connection, a short and funny fire-safety message from Kermit and other Muppets, and finally, a clip of Kermit and Ms. Piggy commenting about Fox News.

The Kermit photo above is by Eva Rinaldi (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license).

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